Applied Optics

Hybrid Diffractive Optical Device (G-Fresnel)

applied1A hybrid device that we term G-Fresnel (i.e., grating and Fresnel) is demonstrated. It fuses the functions of a grating and a Fresnel lens into a single device. We have fabricated the G-Fresnel device by using polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) based soft lithography. Three-dimensional surface profilometry has been performed to examine the device quality. We have also conducted optical characterizations to confirm its dual focusing and dispersing properties. The G-Fresnel can be useful for the development of miniature optical spectrometers as well as emerging optofluidic applications.


Figures right: (above) G-Fresnel fabrication process. (below) Diagram demonstrating wavelength dispersive properties of the G-Fresenl device [1].





[1] Chuan Yang, Kebin Shi, Perry Edwards, and Zhiwen Liu, “Demonstration of a PDMS based hybrid grating and Fresnel lens (G-Fresnel) device”, Optics Express 18, 23529-23534 (2010).


This work is supported by the National Science Foundation.

The Pennsylvania State University    Department of Electrical Engineering