A Mobile G-Fresnel based Spectrometer

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We have developed a new ultra-low cost, ultra-compact, high-performance spectrometer technology that can potentially lead to a device of centimeter size dimension with high spectral resolution which can be integrated with mobile wireless technology-making spectroscopy affordable and accessible for everyone. The merging of spectroscopy with wireless technology offers opprotunities to improve personal health care and has several other applications in chemical sensing and color analysis.

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The core technology behind our mobile optical spectrometer is the G-Fresnel diffractive optical element, which realizes in a single device collimation, dispersion, and collection through combining the feature patterns of an optical grating and a Fresnel lens into a single thin film element. The G-Fresnel device can have a low f-number, which enables miniaturization of the entire spectrometer system while maintaining high spectral resolution (~1 nm) [2].


Figures: (above) Comparison between traditional optical spectrometer and a G-Fresnel spectrometer. (right) Diagram demonstrating wavelength dispersive properties of the G-Fresnel device [2]. (below) A PDMS molded G-Fresnel device.



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Patent Pending

Z. Liu, C. Yang, P. Edwards, K. Shi, 'Compact Spectrometer Including a Diffractive Optical Element with Dual Dispersion and Focusing Functionality', U.S. Patent Application Pub. No.: US2012/0038918A1 (2012), originally filed August 13, 2010.


This work is supported by the National Science Foundation.

The Pennsylvania State University    Department of Electrical Engineering