Perry Edwards
Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering


Perry grew up in upstate New York (Rome) and orignally came to Penn State in 2003 as an undergraduate.  Since then he has earned a B.S. (2007) and M.S. (2009) in electrical engineering.  Formerly a member of the Penn State Lidar Laboratory, Perry completed his M.S. thesis under the advisement of Dr. Russell Philbrick (PSU Emeritus, now with N.C. State) titled "Measurement and Analysis of Atmospheric Species using a Low Power Supercontinuum Laser."  In 2009, he joined the Ultrafast Optics lab under the advisement of Dr. Liu.

Dissertation Topic:

Raman Imaging and Spectroscopy

Publications and Proceedings:

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The Pennsylvania State University    Department of Electrical Engineering